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Cara Wilson-Granat is a professional speaker and writer/author located in San Diego, California.

She has been a copywriter (TV, radio, print) for award-winning accounts in Los Angeles, Monterey and Sacramento and has created major advertising and public relations campaigns for clients such as The Tropicana Hotel, L.A. County Fair, Hilton Hotels, Princess Cruises, Tibor Rudas Organization (Superstar Theater), Monterey Museum of Art, CTB/McGraw-Hill and many others in the health, education, art, business, technical, family, retail, building, hospitality, entertainment and non-profit fields.

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COMING SOON 2016… New edition and look to Dear Cara and Nature Teachers PLUS another brand new book! Stay tuned!

Cara has a a lot of of inspiring “words” to offer, which will hopefully help you make positive choices every moment. She is here to help you learn about and love and your life!

She has unique books to offer, speaking opportunities to help make your event more powerful (see her event list), and distinct articles and blogs which feature her own commentary plus that of many others she knows you’ll enjoy “meeting”… and with her husband, Pete, even performs a classic play that’s a timeless crowd-pleaser, “Love Letters”.

So, please don’t hesitate to contact her. Cara would love to hear from you and look forward to the time when Words From Cara will be exactly the words that will make you smile!

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Dear Cara: Letters from Otto Frank

Read your book – Dear Cara: Letters From Otto Frank – it was wonderful, inspiring, warm and extremely well-written. Thank you for giving this book to the world and continuing to spread Anne Frank’s word. I’m sure Otto is watching over you.
~ E. Nissenson (recent attendee of Shoshonah Hadassah, Temecula, CA)

I have been thinking about you all day. I started your book when I returned home yesterday, No wonder why Frank was so interested in corresponding with you, you had the intelligence and insight of a person beyond your years, much like Anne. I must say our Hadassah women have never been so attentive, usually there are some conversations going on, you had this group mesmerized. I was so happy you did well selling books, no one had to be pushed, they were buying multiple copies for their children and grandchildren. I am going to promote you to the other groups, we have a presidents’ meeting once a month, and I will certainly promote what has been the best speaker to date.
~ Madeline Goodman, Hadassah President, Galilee Group,
San Diego, CA

It was my great pleasure to be a part of it, Cara. It was the message that attracted exactly everyone who was supposed to be there that night. Including me . . . Often when people invite a discussion of books or films concerning this subject, especially Anne’s family, I have to opt out, saying I am still traumatized for having to have read it in high school. Your kind note feels like it brought a bit of closure for me around that, that in some small way I feel Anne and I touched over the span of years . . . . and tears . . . and I feel her whispering that everything is all right. Thank you for your gift, and bless you in your work. I will certainly keep my mind and ears open for other venues for you.
In peace,
Sharon Thomerson, Branch Manager, University Community Branch, San Diego Public Library