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A beautiful spirit my friend, Bonny McGowan passed on Saturday, August 5th, 2017, and I wrote this for her little granddaughter, Saylor. I hope it will help you, too, understand why we love this amazing Bonny so much. Hold each other closer than ever. Life is so ephemeral and fragile and brief.

. . . .

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.”
~Louis L’Amour

Dearest Saylor,

I know that you and I never got to know each other but I certainly know of you. And of course, I knew your amazing grandmother, Bonny. Not for as long as so many of your tribe knew her, but long enough to be transformed by the mystique and stunningly creative and beautiful spirit that she was—and will forever be. She was a wonderful friend.

Bonny and child

Bonny woman

This is a creation of Bonny’s which was one of many inspirational power cards she made. It’s how I see her spirit dancing free now…

Your beautiful mother and you carry your grandmother’s magic and infinite belief in the majesty and power and wisdom of the divine goddess. It never dies. It grows stronger when given the chance to fly its own unique course and traverse life’s currents on its own terms, in its own way. That was what your grandmother did. She was very much the “Birdy” your mother called her—alighting on the ordinary and instantly transforming it into extraordinary. She didn’t stroll, she practically flew into view, with her scarves and flowy skirts or tight jeans and wild blonde hair and dangly jewelry—gemstones and silver, just the right number of rings and bracelets that made you stop and take notice of her gypsy beauty and style. Her cowboy boots and tango heels. Her passion for music and dance and art and crystals and candles and costumes and Burning Man magic and gardens of flowers and the Bird and Crow that she fed and adored and that great hearty laughter of hers under the moonlight with the best of friends and fighting for the underdog and everyone that needed a lift, a wing to be tucked under, a voice to be heard when they got lost in the crowd. Your grandmother was all that and more.

She was a warrior. An activist. A total original, Bonny was classy and a total head-turner, she reminded me of Cheryl Crow with her sassy sexy quality. Strong-willed and astoundingly creative. And organized in a way that she was able to balance structure and symmetry with design and imagining artistry way outside of the box.

Bonny sayingWhy she had to leave us earthlings at a time that felt so premature, so unfair, we’ll never know. But I’m grateful that she left when she knew how much she was loved and how much she loved—you, her precious granddaughter. And your dearest mother and father. And her beloved Richard—her Prince Charming. And of course, the legions of lifelong friends too many to list here. But they are all and will forever be part of the fabric of your life, Saylor, continuing to love and support you and never let you forget this magical spirit of your grandmother Bonny, who watches you from Above and will always be your Guardian Angel. You will never have to feel alone for she will always be with you.

CandleMy personal belief is that though she loved all of you with a depth and breadth that was unfathomable in its power, she was needed on the Other Side to continue her work to save this planet from a far more far-reaching and all-encompassing perspective. If there is anyone who can cast a spell of light and love from Above it’s your grandmother.

So, lovely little girl, I hug you fiercely and pray that you have a beautiful life. That you never stop believing in the goodness that is everywhere even when it’s sometimes hard to see. That you find wonder and delight and magic in every moment. And that when you look into the depths of your soul you will forever feel your grandmother Bonny smiling back at you whispering over and over again,

“Saylor, I love you…”

From Cara Wilson-Granat, with infinite love….
August 5th, 2017

2 comments to Bonny M

  • Rebec

    Cara…Saylor will come to cherish your beautiful words. In the meantime, thank you for your beautiful letter; I will cherish it forever. ♥

    • Cara Wilson-Granat

      Thank you so very much, Rebec. You have warmed my heart with your words. I pray Saylor will, indeed, carry these words and her beautiful grandmother Bonny’s memory in her soul forever. Bless you for taking the time to send me this hug. Back to you! <3

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