The Peace Pebble…

As deeply moved and heartened as I am by the rallying together for and against everything I believe in right now there’s a gnawing voice in my gut that keeps telling me this is not enough. We’re preaching to the choir. Our like-mindedness is the very thing that caused this political cancer to grow […]

Gridlock Life Lesson

It was Friday the 13th. A bright full moon night. My husband, Pete and I were headed out to Manitou Springs (in Colorado Springs), basically around 40-ish minutes away from where we live. I was to give a talk at the Storytellers Project, a popular monthly venue followed by a loyal and pretty large group […]

I Know What Victoria’s Secret Is

I must have slipped into the rare realm (for me) of self-importance lately. Because the Universe has been having fun pummeling my ego out into the stratosphere. I’m being forced to face the grace of acceptance. Being in the present moment at all times. Being ever more grateful. And being able to stand back and […]

An Auto-Body Experience in the Smog-Check Shop

I certainly wasn’t expecting it. I definitely wasn’t prepared to be so “transported” when bringing my car in to be smogged. I mean I was nervous enough that it wouldn’t pass the test. Oh those dastardly tests: the memory of past school exams, the horrid “blue books”, the smell of failure and […]