Moment to Moment

“Remember when old ones died and new were born And life was changed, disassembled, rearranged We came together, fell apart And broke each other’s hearts Remember when…” -Alan Jackson

One of the favorite songs Pete and I love to play on our guitars is Alan Jackson’s “Remember When”—a beautifully heartfelt watercolor of life and […]

Always – A Mother’s 90th Birthday Celebrated

“I’ll be loving you, oh Always With a love that’s true Always. When the things you’ve planned Need a helping hand, I will understand Always.


Days may not be fair Always, That’s when I’ll be there Always. Not for just an hour, Not for just a day, Not for just a […]

Every Grain of Sand

It always amazes me. This circle of life thing. How little puffs of life’s circumstances, bits of passages, happen concurrently; some even colliding into each other, or paralleling along the paths. One happy thing happens while another spirals down into an abyss…

Dylan’s “Grains of Sand” struck me as just the words […]