The Peace Pebble…

As deeply moved and heartened as I am by the rallying together for and against everything I believe in right now there’s a gnawing voice in my gut that keeps telling me this is not enough. We’re preaching to the choir. Our like-mindedness is the very thing that caused this political cancer to grow […]

The Wall

“Imagine all the people living life in peace…” Imagine, by John Lennon

My husband and I just returned from a beautiful vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico. It was gifted to us by his company as it was to all the top 2015 sales winners. Though Pete and I are not resort enthusiasts as our idea […]

An Auto-Body Experience in the Smog-Check Shop

I certainly wasn’t expecting it. I definitely wasn’t prepared to be so “transported” when bringing my car in to be smogged. I mean I was nervous enough that it wouldn’t pass the test. Oh those dastardly tests: the memory of past school exams, the horrid “blue books”, the smell of failure and […]